Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44-22

Hidden Gospel of Isaiah


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Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44-22

This was the Featured Article for May 2020

Have you ever felt like David in Psalm 51:1 or Psalm 51:9?
To be honest all Christians have at least once.

The Good News

The good news is that he has wiped away our sins. For those who are born again in Jesus, God tells us in numerous places but perhaps one of my favorite verses about how God redeems his children is shown in the Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44-22 The Hebrew word for what God has done to our sins (those who have asked him to wash them clean with his blood and have been born anew by Christ’s death on the cross.)

Hidden Gospel Of Isaiah 44-22

Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44:22I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud
and your sins like mist;
return to me, for I have redeemed you.

In the Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44-22 the word usage and intent is similar to Isaiah 43:25


Yehovah is telling Israel that he has removed their sins and wants them to return to him as his bride, for he has redeemed her back from her sins.
While this was originally written to the tribes of Israel, because they (the leaders of Israel) rejected him, Gentiles were spiritually grafted in (adopted) by the king himself, who has the right as the King to adopt from outside the spiritual bloodline. He redeemed us through his blood on the Cross.

The words used in the original Hebrew show that there is a cleansing or wiping away, of our sins and our tears. This shows the loving grace of the Father and our Savior. The implication is one of Paternal love, not only does he sweep away our sins, the other use of the word is to wipe away tears.

What is so great about the thought of sweeping away sin. Well think for a second. You sweep the kitchen floor after dinner. There are pieces of food everywhere, it is messy. When you have swept the floor, what do you usually do with the garbage that you swept into the dustpan, (you throw it away, eventually removing it to the dumpster outside.)

So too, does God sweep away our sins and remove them as far away from us as the East is from the West. When Satan the accuser tries to remind us of our sins, we can tell him to leave you alone because Jesus took those sins from you, redeemed you, sanctified you, and after the great Harpadzo will glorify you and Satan’s accusations have no power over you anymore.

Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44-22

The good news because of the word for wiping away, blotting away, sweeping away, removed… is considered a verb that is in the perfect sense.

Swept Away


What do you mean the perfect sense? Hidden Gospel of Isaiah 44-22

Perfect – Finished For All Time

In the Hebrew language, perfect sense means that it was done, complete, finished… It does not require any further work.

Jesus’ blood that was spilled on the cross, and his death and burial, followed (most importantly) by his resurrection from the dead, means we are washed clean for all time.


We are sanctified by Christ’s blood for all time, end of the story. Since we have not yet been glorified (that’s coming when we are raised in the Harpadzo of the saints) we still sin.

However, Christ’s blood washed us clean when we were born anew so that it continues to clean us.

The choice of words God breathed into Isaiah in this chapter tells us that eternal salvation can be the only way we are saved.

If the choice had been an imperfect word, then possibly we could lose our salvation, but the only viewpoint can be eternal salvation.

No One Can Remove them From My Hand

Jesus himself anchors this when he says in John 10:28-30.
“Jesus said “No one can pluck them from the Father’s hand, I and the Father are one.”

This has a double meaning:

  1. If we are truly born again (renewed in and through Christ,) Lucifer can do nothing to us physically or spiritually. He can mess with us and annoy us with his bantering and lies, but he can not remove us from the blood of Christ.
  2. If we are truly born again, not even we can remove ourselves from Christ.

The Blood of Christ

A. We are washed by the blood of Christ (we cannot remove Christ’s redeeming blood once we have been washed clean.)
B. The Holy Spirit fills our “God-Shaped hole,” he fills and that is why the body of Christ does not need a physical temple because our body has become the temple and is filled with the Holy Spirit and does not leave us… EVER!

Some people that do not even know Christ, try to proclaim the heresy, “A loving God would never allow a terrible beating and death on his son.”


The Son of God Yeshua, Immanuel, Jesus Christ came to be the New Adam who would die for us, be the newly required sacrifice for our sins.
He willingly came down to do this for us.

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