Evil Irony of 666 and Durbin Ninja Turtle

Jeff Durbin, James White and Michael Brown


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2 Tim 3: 13

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, & being deceived.

When looking at the above image from Apologia Church, one would think that Durbin was a preacher of truth and a user of Spiritual Discernment. As you go through this article and our video you will learn the truth about Durbin and others like him.

Neo-Church deceivers

What if: the New Age snuck in as Christian Consultants to “warn the church” while purposefully injecting the Church with a subtle error.

So close to the truth- but so full of darkness. Popular personalities, lies, and deceit, it went unnoticed for some time; Working a collapse of sorts?

Church deceivers like old State Fair Charlatans.

Many fools have thought that the gentile church was replacing the Jews after Christ sent people like Paul to the Gentiles. What is actually happening is the liars from Rome, NAR and NAR-Israel are trying to replace the true church.

State Fair Charlatains

To deceive the church (real or otherwise,) and lead her to the False Christ to come – All in the name of Jesus.

And what if they were slick, master deceivers, with lots of press to puff them up?

What if they used their false teaching mixed with a little truth here and there to encourage your viewership? 

A little bit of Truth makes the Evil go down, makes the evil go down…

What if they added just enough truth so you would respect them and listen to them and accept them as “good Christan leaders”

That is exactly what NAR and their cohorts are doing. It has been occurring for hundreds of years. You go back and read authentic Christian authors and you will see them talking about false teachers and deception.

These false teachers are subtly changing the gospel so that you do not notice until it is too late. Then they get you to follow them as your Christian Hero and they have a built-in base of defenders who do not even see that they have been duped.

I’ll raise your Athansias with 1 Heiser

We have dealt with subjects like Heiser and Athanasius pushing the theory of Theosis. Durbin actually calls Athanasius a Philosopher hero.God wants Spiritual Fruit, not religious nuts

Heiser gives one example, to say that “at glorification, we will ‘become gods’. 

They are retooling what it means to be Sons of God from holy creations in Christ, to sub gods. 

Divinity versus Glorification

This lie is exactly like the original lie in Genesis 3.

Someone needs to tell these two and others like them that there is a huge difference between God giving us glorified bodies after the Harpadzo and turning us into literal gods with our divinity, this is one of the many heresies which Michael Heiser now teaches….

The timing of these two bringing up the saying of Athanasius and what they are bringing up a Greek Orthodox seems strangely coordinated. Who is Heiser connected to, people like Josh Peck, Skywatch TV, Steve Bancarz, and others like Doreen Virtue…

What if that is what is happening? Jude 1: 4 and 2 Peter 2.

Now you have to add Durbin into the NAR heretic mix because he seems to have the same goals that they all do to deceive the church.

That plus he is pushing the Kingdom now theological nonsense that NAR pushes with their Dominionism.

Jesus Christ himself said in warning that the Chief Sign to know his coming was Deception! 

WHY? To deceive & lead the true church and the those that haven’t followed Jesus to the Cross yet, and to the False Christ to come – All in the name of Jesus.

Master deceivers

What if they were slick, master deceivers, with lots of press to puff them, and encourage your viewership to hear and accept them? ( As pretend Christians, under the label of “Former New Agers”, on a true Mission to create false converts, and bring chaos-filled confusion to the church, by fake Pastorship; and introduce more false teachers with popularity; who SUBTLY change the message of Christ?

One example, to say that at glorification, we will ‘become gods’ ( retooling what it means to be Sons of God from holy creations in Christ, to sub gods, much like the original lie in Genesis 3, which is what Michael Heiser now teaches…

He works with a host of people who all purport to be “the Church”… slipping in the poison to you.

It makes one wonder, who is Heiser is connected to? PECK, Skywatch TV, Steve Bancarz, and others like Doreen Virtue…

What if: that is what is happening? Durbin is but one of many, a man of “god”, who pushes the unity at all costs with NAR people like Michael Brown, who was a founder of Tikkun International ( ie. NAR- Israel) and Durbin turns a blind eye, Jude 1:4 and 2 Peter 2. Paul tells us not to partake or be yoked with evil but to expose it. Ephesians 5:11

Best way to conquer an enemy is from within

It becomes more and more obvious to anyone with experience in spiritual discernment, that they are all Change Agents with much in common.

Jesus Christ himself said in warning, that the Chief Sign that his coming was drawing near is deception!

Folks Get ready, Get set, Get your SWORD and read it- it is the WORD of GOD. Sharper than any two-edged sword.

The mantra of Unity at all Costs

After much reflection and review of this video post-production, we have concluded, along with assistance from others, that this is a staged collapse of Christians to prevent holding onto a biblical world view for the new globalists one world church’s mantra of “unity at all costs”.

These are actors playing the game but have not truly received Christ through rebirth.

We go over how Durbin buries himself in excuses, lame feelings- oriented human reasoning, and total ignorance of anything to do with Michael Brown and the Supernatural school of demonic acts, let alone his entire cache of NAR brethren- never a word from the Bible to obey.

Comfort in Scripture

I find the scripture comforting and Truthful to protect self and the church that we love, by Paul’s warning from the Holy Spirit for our day and age: in 2 Timothy 3:13 King James Version (KJV) 13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

I will trust Paul as my “pastor” from the bible, and at this point, it is getting more and more difficult to locate solid pastors who do not have an agenda to push, such as these New Agers and Masons.

Babylonian Spirit

No matter how much The false church of Rome, NAR-Israel, Rabbinical leaders of Israel, and NAR leaders deny it, their agenda fits with the label, of heretic and false teacher and false church so well, and the Bible makes zero appearance; Satan would be proud of his Children.

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