Day of Reckoning is Coming for Ron Carpenter

Day of Reckoning is Coming for Ron Carpenter


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A Day of reckoning is coming for Ron Carpenter of Redemption Church.

He spews a lot of heresies, but the topic of this video is in response to him stating that;

“God duplicated himself when he created man!”

This is similar to another heresy that came from a First Century ATHANASUS OF ALEXANDRIAChurch Father, Athanasius of Alexandria. He taught the heresy of Theosis. Theosis simply stated;

“Jesus came to earth so that we could become gods.”

How many times does God tell us?

How many times in the Bible does God say the following:

  • There is only 1 God, there are no other gods than me
  • Have no other gods

How many times in the Old Testament did our Holy and Just God withhold his hand of protection and allow Israel to be taken over by foreign nations because they worshiped foreign gods? At one point he told the Prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute because Israel was spiritually whoring themselves to other gods.

Ask yourself the questions, as egotistical and easily fallen into sin as mankind is, why would God create us as gods and then tell us A) there are no other Gods but him and B) tell us to worship no other gods.C) If God created us as divine gods at creation, why would we have fallen into sin in the first place? Why would Israel need to be punished by so many foreign nations for worshiping other gods if they were divine from creation?

Why do some men rape women or children? Why do some women murder their unborn children? Are these the acts of holy and righteous divine beings?

Day of reckoning is coming for Ron Carpenter

If God made us all divine gods during creation, how do you explain people like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Mangela aka “Dr. Death”, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin, Charles Manson, and Jeffrey Dahlmer?

You cannot explain them other than as filthy, evil, sinners just like every other sinner who has ever lived.

In Romans 3:10-12 Paul tells us that no one is righteous, no not one. However, this verse is inconvenient to the likes of Ron Carpenter so he leaves it out like yesterday’s garbage.

The kind of logical and spiritual dishonesty is at such a high level in this heresy, if it could be followed to a logical conclusion… The divine creation heresy would make God out to be a raving lunatic with multiple personality disorder.

If God said he is the only God, and if he specifically tells us that we are to not bow to any other god, why would he make us gods. God is not a babbling idiot, nor an illogical fool.

The Ultimate Lie of Ecumenicalism

This is the ultimate lie of Ecumenical teaching.  Mankind achieving divine godhood and bringing a kingdom to earth now.

There is among these workers of darkness an expectation of a tipping point. Sooner or later if they get enough people to buy into their lies, sooner or later their false messiah will come and there will be plenty of people who willingly or due to fear, will bend their knee to the AntiChrist and take the Mark of the Beast.

Unfortunately, many who follow these heretics do not realize that these false teachers are readying the earth for the False Messiah, Lucifer, not the true Messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

Like the rest of the people in cooperation with NAR, Carpenter appears to have no fear of God and no fear of God’s wrath and no fear of eternal damnation and separation from God in Hell for eternity. Also, like everyone involved with NAR he is unconcerned about using scripture to back up his ideas.

He does not care about trifling things like speaking the truth. He just pushes his false teachings and gullible people fall for it.

Read the Bible For Your Own Understanding!

This is one of many reasons why it is so vitally important to read the Bible for yourself and develop your discernment skills. If you just sit on a pew and keep it warm (if they ever open church attendance again)…

Biblical Based Truth

Or if you just watch your favorite televangelist without knowing the difference between Biblical based truth rooted in the sound doctrine taught by Paul, Peter, or even Jesus himself versus the lies taught by false teachers, you are doomed to follow their lies.

This idea of God created us in His image, therefore he made us gods like himself, is a modern edition of what occurred between Lucifer and Adam & Eve in the Garden.


Some are taking a different track. There are those like Elon Musk that want to use combinations of Trans-humanism and NAR heresy and they are working to counterfeit our human connection to the Holy Spirit.

The Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast is going to be their glorification and they believe they are what brings a godly kingdom to earth now because they have fallen for the serpent’s lie from the Garden.

While they are working on stealing the identity of the Bride of Christ they are using sorcery mixed with technology to enhance their bodies and are attempting to make themselves something they will never become. A divine god.

Divine God – NOT Divine Man!

There is no divinity in mankind, or animals or poop or rocks. Meanwhile, while the other side is trying to bring Lucifer their fake messiah… The True Messiah, Jesus is quietly working on spiritually glorifying his true church.

We need to remind ourselves and others of scripture like 2 Thessalonians 3:3-12. We need to stand firm in the faith.

We had done a previous video about Ron.

However, this video and article are more in-depth as to his specific rantings of our divinity since the creation of time and man.

He raves on like a mad man about how we need to discover that we were created as gods when God created Adam and Eve.

This is one of but many lies that come from the NAR “Kingdom Now Dominionism” and also is a newer version if you will of Casey Treat’s dispensation of “Dogs beget dogs, Cats beget cats, so when God created us, of course, he made us divine.

Never Forget Apologetics and Sola Scriptura

Forget Apologetics and Sola Scriptura, throw Exegesis and Theology out the window, and everything the Bible says about the fall of man…

Carpenter and Treat also forget God’s warning in Isaiah 45:5

This video is also very helpful on this subject.

Day of Reckoning is Coming for Ron Carpenter

Indeed there is!

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