Beware of Nar’s Lunatic Global Goals



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NAR’s Goal Globally is to force the nation’s religions into a Christian Universal Utopian Group Salvation.

Does the Church Need to Change its Culture?

While this video is a little longer, we will learn together that Robert Henderson of global reformers & Lance Walnau’s consistent declarations of the church needing to change the culture are starting to make sense . In relationship with NAR-Israel which is constantly pushing for God’s kingdom now on Earth and diversity in churches, aka the heresy of ecumenicalism.

Sola Scriptura

We hold to Sola Scriptura which means that the Bible is the foundation and also the sight level to make sure what people are saying about God is accurate and truthful. The interpretation that the Bible makes sense of that uses the categories of authentic and counterfeit.

True Bride of Christ

The True Bride of Christ and the true Christ are authentic.

Anyone that has studied the Word of God, in an exegetical study, can see that plainly in scripture, in both the Old Testament prophets and the teachings in the New Testament Gospels and following Epistles.

Beware of NAR’s Lunatic Global Goals

However, unfortunately, what is not as well understood ( due to incredibly heretical teaching by false teachers,) is that there is also a counterfeit bride who worships all false gods.

This is what is known as the Spirit of the mystery Babylon, or “The Whore of Babylon”. This is not a sexual accusation but a spiritual one.

The nations abandoned God long ago at Babel and were given over to the dark angels that left Heaven with Lucifer to rule and judge.

In Proverbs 7:10-11 King Solomon gives words of wisdom on the wickedness of a Whore or Harlot.

Spiritual Harlotry

The sin of spiritual harlotry is far worse because it means that you are forgetting your place and thumbing your nose at God and worshiping idols and false gods.

Of course, the original act of spiritual harlotry occurred in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3.

God with Adam and Even in Garden of EdenBefore Adam and Eve, fell to the lies of Lucifer things were perfect in the Garden. They walked and talked with God every day.

In Genesis 3:1 Lucifer begins spinning his web of half-truths.

“Surely God did not say to you that you can’t eat any fruits of the garden?”Beware of NAR's Lunatic Global Goals

At that point right there Eve should have known that it was an evil voice from an evil being and he was trying to entice her. It was all downhill from there for all mankind until the New Adam came in Jesus Christ who died on the Cross and rose again for us.

Eve’s act wasn’t just an act of disobedience, it was an act of Spiritual Harlotry! In this instance, she chose to listen to Lucifer instead of God. She chose to believe in her divinity.

Are you like Adam and Eve?

Adam also chose to listen to Lucifer over God and he also chose to believe in his divinity. Then he made his sin worse by saying, “This woman whom you gave to me caused me to sin!”

So he wasn’t accepting responsibility for his own sinful choices, he was not even blaming Eve, he was blaming God.

One of the things that you’ll see throughout the Old and New Testaments, Lucifer thinks he is going to win in the end and wants to tear as many people away from God as possible so they will spend eternity in hell with him in separation from God.

Beware of The Lunatic Global Goals of NAR

Before going further, let us take a look at what God says in scripture about being involved with other religions or yoking with gods other than himself:

In the Old Testament we have instructions starting in;

2 Kings 17:14-16

Leviticus 20:2-8

Judges 16:4-5

Hosea 2:5-8

Jeremiah 3:1-5

Ezekial 16:14-63

Ezekial 23:5

Hosea 9:1

Hosea 2:2

Hosea 8:7

Hosea 4:12

The New Testament goes further to expound further on the scripture of the Old Testament bringing it forward in time to be relevant to the culture of the New Testament and ours today.

Galatians 6:16

Hebrews 3:12

James 1:13-15

Matthew 15:18-20

and last but certainly not least Romans 8:7

All Sexual sins are bad!

This is why sexual sins (of any kind) are such an abomination to God. They link us to the person we are in the relationship with instead of God. We are choosing the other person over God. When you have sex outside of marriage either pre-marital or adultery, you are breaking your connection to God and breaking the connection between you and your “other” 

Bbecause you’ve moved your triangle outside of the eternal union with God, your relationship is forever broken, until it is made new under the headship of God.

Tri ity of God and Trinity of Marriage

Again you need to be careful and;

Beware of NAR’s Lunatic Global Goals

Now, back to the Whore or Spirit of Babylon. Many people have incorrectly focused on the Pope and the false church of Rome. However, It is so much more than that.

The Dark Red Whore of Babylon

The Spirit or Whore of Babylon is an amalgamation of a spirit of technology and the spirit of witchcraft. Yes, this is part of Ecumenicalism (the melding of all religions) that is being called forth by everyone proudly exhibiting the co-exist or tolerance bumper stickers.

Are Christians called to Tolerate and Co-exist?

Spirity of the Whore of BabylonAs you look at these extremely evil bumper stickers to the left, you will see that they want us to Co-Exist and be tolerant. This is the long slow burn of a Socialistic acceptance of all into one.

In the Co-Exist, you have the Crescent-moon and star symbol of the Muslim/Islamic world.

Then you have the Peace Symbol of the antagonist Agnostics and Atheists from the Hippy movement of the 1960s.

The “e” was originally just a plane boring e on the original stickers.

Now it has sexuality symbols to coexist with any of the “choices” that God calls an abomination deserving of death.

The x was originally the standard Star of David as is seen on the Israeli flag.

Now the x has been turned into the two triangles which give you the 6 points which is similar to a 5 sided pentagram because it lifts the 6 which is the number of Man which of course points to the antichrist.

The “i” has the circle on top surrounding a 5 point star. Newer versions have removed all doubt of what this symbol means because the “i” has been turned into a candlestick with a flame on top with the circle surrounding the pentagram.

The s has pretty much always been the base of the yeng and yang symbol from Asian Buddhism.

Last but not least we have the “t” in the form of the Orthodox cross, not the Roman Cross which is what Christ was Crucified on. Obviously, this is a blatant attempt to remove Christ from Christianity and coexist with all the other religions of the world and the fake Catholic Church.

Now the same designer of the coexist bumper sticker has designed the tolerance sticker.

You have the T which is still a non-Christian cross

You still have the supposed sign of peace which is a broken upside-down cross which is one of the most demonic evil insults to Christ of all time.

For the L we have a new icon in the peace pipe/tomahawk from the Native American people. This is a strange combination of peace and war. The antichrist comes declaring peace but then destroys people in war after war.

Again we have the “e” with sexuality symbology.

Another new creative evil symbology is the r with a caveman inside which denotes the whole need to tolerate evolution and the fact that man came from apes and slowly evolved over billions of years.

Now we have a new star in place of the x. You have one triangle on top of another. Rather than truly being a drawn-out star, we have the triangle of man on top of the triangle of God which is not only beneath the triangle of man but has been turned upside down in dishonor. Again we have a 6 sided star that points to the antichrist.

Let us take a side tour for a moment to talk about the Universe and the number 9. God gave the universe and the stars to tell us numerous stories.

The two most important stories are the Star of Bethlehem which pointed to Christ, and the Mother giving birth to the Messiah who is going to bring his people home as described in the Book of John’s Revelation.

The number 9 in the Bible points to completeness or being finished, because of that it has pointed to Yeshuah Ha’Meshiac Bet’Nazareth’s complete work on the cross.

Another new symbol used in “tolerance” is an “n” with a 9 sided star with a circle around it. The n appears over the star in a circle. This has many hidden or esoteric meanings.

The N is the symbol of the Northern Star. As we know, there are many signs and warnings and meanings in the Mazzaroth or Hebrew study of the stars.

The Northern star along with the Eastern star has become a symbol for masonry and kabbalistic mystery magic.

In masonry and kabbalah and other forms of witchcraft, a circle surrounding a group of stars is a sign of Luciferian control.

So the Northern Star is taking over the “Star of Jesus” and the finished work of Jesus on the Cross is being taken over by B’Hai and Kabbalah.

Moving on to the next letter/symbol we again have a Crescent moon with the star.

Then at the end, we have a very interesting symbol. It is an e then on the bottom “leg” of the e… we see =mc

So what we have at the end is the tolerance of science and what modern-day science tells us. Things like evolution, babies aren’t alive until birth, the universe came from a giant gas explosion, align yourself with technology and AI and the final Science tolerance is to tolerate those who give themselves over to AI becoming cyborgs.

If you have not noticed by now, these two bumper stickers, are telling you to accept or tolerate or co-exist with whatever, just never accept Christianity.

Paul tells us not to partake in evil!

NAR has taken all this one step further to say 2 things and say them loudly and proudly wherever they go.

  1. All religions will lead you to your own divinity, the sooner we realize our own divinity the sooner the messiah will come to his earthly kingdom.
  2. Change Christianity to be acceptant of all things and all religions. Do not accept disunity coming out of the church.

Following this all to where it leads the lost who are trapped in the snare of lies and evil…( The whore of Babylon- she is, a mystery due to 1) tech and 2) witchcraft) and she has a counterfeit christ, know as the Antichrist. Anti means imposter, to be against but to also replace.

The whore of Babylon has in the past be taught that she is only: Roman catholic church and all will be made to Catholic.

Some have understood her yoking all the false religions into one.

All the religions of the world, all of NAR, all of Israel, all of Rome, together in unbelief, and together they make up “The false church”.

The future of Spirituality and a false Christianity must be seen in the light of all the above to make sense.

We use the counterfeit church as our guide. She is the anti-bride.

After the true church is called home to be with Christ in the Harpadzo… Many will call the whore “The church,” or more specifically the one-world church.

So, you have to go that far to make sense of it all. NAR is a huge band of strength that is an enforcing arm of Rome, and of Israel.

They play a major role in the deception that to date, not many are shedding light on with the truth.

This is what is shaping up, for those that earnestly seek Jesus and the Harpadzo scripture and the Holy Spirit are clear. 

The whore has been forming for a while.

This video looks at numerous subjects that Robert Henderson pushes in his false teaching.

Knowledge of God is Power!

Remember the ’70s and ’80s edutainment breaks from cartoons called knowledge is power“Schoolhouse Rock” Part of the song was “knowledge is power.”

When you study the Bible over and over and over God grants you spiritual wisdom. He begins to open scripture to you. You can then begin discerning the lies from false teachers.

People like Henderson and Walnau are trying to trick the religions of the world through NAR and all its offshoots by trickery. They are inviting other religions and shaking hands with them while stabbing the real church in the back by copying it and changing its meaning and its goals and aligning the fake church with the false messiah.

Beware of NAR’s Lunatic Global Goals

Awaken O Sluggard!

Unfortunately, the real church has been asleep for so long… for the most part, it never even knew that it was taken over by people that hate Jesus and hate Christians and are teaching heresy from the pulpit leading people straight to hell. This is why Jesus said he was going to cut short time, otherwise “if it were possible, even the elect should be deceived.”

When you consider their strange blasphemous, doctrine, you begin to understand the real church is ignorantly going along with those in leadership, and the leadership wants to force the earth into group salvation in the name of Jesus, (the fake one). And they want to do it disguised as his bride. If it wasn’t counterfeit, it would not deceive people.

The reason for this yoking is so that they can bring peace to earth by forced unity, technology enforcement, and witchcraft expertly applied by the people parading around with spirits.

This is so far advanced where it stands now, you can almost smell that rot of flesh, the many within the one.

That image of the whore should be shown in their video’s cover art.

As the real bride is the many within the one true church, with Christ at the head…  so shall it be for the fake church as the whore,  sits on “the many waters”, on 7 mountains.

The 7 Mountain Mandate

(NAR has a 7 mountain mandate of deconstruction and reconstruction of a new age Christianity that wants unity at all cost. But it is a double-cross, by Lucifer and the fallen, against greedy, foolish, leaders who want to be famous, as the counterfeit apostles. Much more could be said.

We will go into further detail about NAR and its leaders in other videos.

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