Babylon’s Underhanded Apocalypse Enlisting Churches



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Channeling God?

***Editors Note: This video will discuss some very obvious spiritual problems that Pastor Kunneman tries to lead us into, by describing how he is hearing directly from God through his voice atBabylon's Underhanded Apocalypse Enlisting Churches that moment, literally being used to channel god. (He’s channeling something, but it is not the Holy and Righteous God!)

But that is not even the worst part of this video of what that Pastor is doing wrong, while he is supposed to be teaching the word of God at someone’s church, instead, he is leading people astray!

There are layers of evil to explore.

There are people out there that are intent in practicing this and want to show you how to as well. Simply because a face shows up at a church with the label of Pastor, does not mean he is not just as into this, but under different labeling.

Channeling Demons

Look at this quote from the author of the book being sold like crazy through Amazon and other book dealers:

“Demonic Channeling and Scrying: A Guide” – Meredith Sirin. (Her tie in?) “Have you wished to channel demons? ( In this book, I explain how. A detailed and exact guide to the art of demonic channeling and scrying…”

(We do not endorse the book above!)

The Voice of God?

Kunneman calls himself “A voice for god”. We use the little g because he isn’t a voice for the Holy and righteous God!

Make America Great Again?

Is America being made Great Again?

command supernatural healing
Perhaps she should have commanded God to prevent a global government take over and destruction of our freedoms and rights.

As a voice for ‘god’, Kunneman says that GOD is going to protect the USA from Corona Virus because “Trump is Pro-life” (This would almost be humorous if it wasn’t so wrong in such a disgusting way.)

At the beginning of Trump’s Presidency, his actions were not Pro-life and they still aren’t… As a new President who ran partly on a “Kill Planned Parenthood” (PP) platform. Trump ended up gifting PP $500,000,000 in 2017 Omnibus bill Trump Signed. So we know that Trump is not Pro-Life, nor Pro-God.

Now during the “C” fake crises in 2020, it is growing more and more obvious that Trump cares neither for the life of unborn babies, (nor adults frankly) or making America Great again,

This article has some other good topics on some of the heresies of NAR false teachers.

Group Salvation?

Kunneman goes on to assert that because America is godly, that we have access to group salvation and group protection, and part of this is because we have “supported Israel”, a ( nation that is corrupt in unbelief) although globally there are true Christians as Jews. But the nation and the Government of Israel, and the Spiritual Leaders are corrupt! ( just like in America!) That is more brainwashing! And it is untrue!

Is America a Righteous Nation?

First of all, America is not a righteous nation. With everything going on in Washington DC, and everything that our President is doing with the rest of the world, The US is far from being a holy nation. Nowhere in the Old Testament or New, does the Bible ever discuss the idea of Group Salvation.

Unbelievers are not qualified for God’s Blessings until they do one thing and that has not, and will not change until mankind ( Jew or gentile) repents.

So, right now individuals can repent. Later, in the future, some from Israel will group repent, as we see in the prophet Zechariah’s writings Zechariah 13: 8-9, and other writings combined. (However, each member of the Israeli group has to decide for Jesus.)

Israel does NOT get some special place of the believing Jews ( individuals) for the entire nation, which is currently in rampant a total hatred of Jesus, and practices idolatry, witchcraft, and more.

They are unqualified to take believing Jews blessings and drape them over the entire nation. Salvation and favor have NEVER worked that way, it certainly does not work that way now either in the Age of Grace.

The issue of guaranteeing safety is dangerous because Kunneman is only a man, not God!

Group or National protection by God?

Hear Us Please: underneath the layer upon layer of deception, is the truly terrible deceptive words of him commissioning the church to “pray for mercy for the nations ( code for the world’s religions!!!) into a giant group protection/ salvation.

Ecumenism and the Spirit of Babylon

When you consider the current Tsunami of mass deception coming out of Nar, NAR/Israel, and Rome in the USA and globally… You look at their desire to yoke faiths into “the Kingdom on earth now, any prophesying ‘of god’ through Kunneman would be the doctrines of demons & seducing Spirits!

A Fake Bride to be ready for the False Messiah

This Spirit of The Whore of Babylon wants to use you to assemble a “new mercy” for the nations.

The furtherance of the Anti-bride: the One World Church. What NAR and people like Kunneman are telling people is it is ok to overlook what they are doing and let’s all be united together.

Unity at all Costs

You hear it from everyone on Youtube, TV preachers discernment Nazis need to go away and we must have peace and unity at all costs.

This observation comes from a host of watching, and listening to many different false teachers a heretics on Todays Christian stage.

Unfortunately, there are even fake “Messianic” Christians like Michael Brown, Itzhak Shapira, and Jonathon Bemis, and many more, who seek to deceive the unsaved and the saved alike.

Signs of the end of the Age of Grace

The predominate sign right before Jesus’ glorious return and the executing of the Apostasy is right on track.

Kunneman says” God wants to extend Mercy to the nations”, (but there is NO mention of the Cross, repentance, or Jesus.) That is the last line of the channeling of the demons – or his flesh, which I don’t know, that he says is God, saying this nonsense because he too, is NAR.…

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