7 Astonishing Life-changing Steps to Salvation

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Today’s video encourages people with 7 Astonishing Life-changing Steps to Salvation in Christ Jesus.

  1. Humble Your Heart

7 Astonishing Life-changing Steps to SalvationYou do this by putting your will down, repent-agree with Jesus that you, like everyone else, are spiritually dead and separated from him (God).

Humble Yourself Before a Righteous God

Communicate to him that you are tired of evil, and want to be ultimately rid of this sinful nature, to be at peace with God, and with your fellow man.

  2. Realize You Are a Sinner

Realize you are a sinner

Everyone is born a sinner. God gave a perfect set of laws that no one can keep no matter how hard we try.

Jesus was 100% God

Jesus came down as 100% God but living as a man so he could fulfill the law as theJesus is My God Holy and Righteous God that he is and be the new Adam.

Being the New Adam or New Creation and the Lord over the Law, he was the only one who could live without sinning.

His death represents the lamb which used to be slaughtered in the Jewish Temples for the sins of the people. Jesus was the perfect lamb, willingly led to the slaughter for the sins of the world.

 3. Realize that you need to be spiritually reborn

Jesus whipped and beaten and Jesus’ death on the Cross is the only way to a righteous God.

He is our legal liaison.

Captain of good against demon hoardesIf an unrighteous and most likely corrupt human judge cannot, will not let a guilty defendant go without paying for his crimes.

Could a righteous God, the judge of the universe, let you go to heaven without paying for your sins?

The answer is no.

7 Astonishing Life-Changing Steps to Salvation

4. We need to turn the keys of the kingdom over to Jesus

Make the Right Choice

We just have to choose to replace the kingship of our life, which amounts to nothing but death and rotting flesh.

We just think we are the king of our own life.

We need to replace that with his kingship which will give us a sanctified spirit and Jesus, King of our hearts eternal life through his lifeblood and death on the cross.

5. Realize that God wants to give you a gift of eternal life with him.

Jesus didn’t just die on the cross that day on which he was beaten and ultimately Jesus whipped and beatenhung on a cross with nails in his hands and feet.No!

The Gates of Hell

He went to the gates of Hell to defeat Lucifer and Death.

He did that willingly for you and the rest of us.

He did that so we can have salvation in his victory over death and hell.

This was accomplished for you, by the cross.

Cure for Spiritual Sickness

He came to cure our spiritual sickness for good.

Let him help you. He wants a world without sin.

He is willing to work with you, but you need to let him pay your fine and make you born again.

Editors Note: Here are two videos that give some back story on why you need to be born again!

The Nachosh deceived Adam and Eve

What happened to mess everything up in Adam and Eve’s fall in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3.

The last two steps are truly astonishing. Once you look at the image of Jesus and say “Yes Jesus, I want you as my King, my Lord, and my Savior, you will cry tears of joy.

Helplessness and hopelessness will be thrown in the pit with Satan.

There is coming a Day

There will be a day, where there will be no more tears, no more suffering, no more fears.

Great Lion of Judah

That will be the day when the Great Lion of Judah comes back as our Messiah (Savior) and takes us home to heaven to be with him for eternity.

  1. You have to Admit to the Holy God, without him, you will not, cannot keep the law

God’s laws given by Moses called the 10 Commandments, are spiritual laws which no one without the help of a Holy and Righteous and Gracious God, can ever keep.

When you admit to yourself and ultimately GOD that you are a sinner in need of redemption (help), as evidenced by God’s Holy laws, God becomes willing to work with you.

Just like everyone else who has ever lived, you will break the laws of God over and over with your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

The day you are born you are on your way to pay for those sins in the fires of hell. This is the judgment of a Righteous God.

A separation from GOD that is permanent. This eternal separation from God is the ultimate problem.

7 Life-Changing Steps to Salvation that are astonishing

The gospel is the cure, and it means good news; thus Jesus who loves you, came to pay for your sins, and adopt you as his Holy child. This is not fake news, this is very good news.

Jesus, way back to God for the lost

Jesus is our way back to GOD, to a blameless, and eventually sinless reconciled life with both Jesus, and with the rest of man- in this one new eternal mankind in Christ.

The solution to that problem is that you are being born again spiritually, as you follow this biblical prescription for the greatest problem of life.

  1. Have faith that Jesus’ gift can save you from eternal spiritual death

Now you are going to use your faith, by placing your trust & confidence in Jesus for this: That what he accomplished in your place on the cross.

The specifics are his death paid your fine, his burial, and being made alive after the cross, was enough to satisfy the wrath of GOD the Father in your name, on your account.

Completed by the Lamb of GOD; who takes away the sins of the world.

This is the most important act that has ever been done, and what you are doing to be born again, is equal to it. Take it freely!

Payment for sins

It is so simple, this method of payment of faith- the only currency God accepts, via the work of the Perfect law keeper, and destroyer of sin and death. He is the sin eater.

This is all that is required to take hold of this good news gift, through grace.

Paul tells us in Romans 2:8-9, that it is only by the Grace of God that we are saved so that we cannot boast in any good works which are as worthless as filth & disease-ridden rags.

Take all that info, and speak from your own heart and in your own words, and tell Jesus that you want to be reborn, have his Spirit enter your life and your body (temple) with the Spirit made alive, and become a brand new creation ( awaiting your new body).

Tell him that you want to have your name written in His Lamb’s Book of Life, and live with him in peace and joy and prosperity, in a New Garden as seen at the end of the Bible, in Revelation 21.

Yehovah Yirah – God is provider

This is why God provided his son Jesus, the God-man, as the Last Adam to bring forth a new forgiven, reconciled, eternal life seeking, and one day soon, receiving creation to walk with him, in the cool of the day once again.

He came to die for your sins, and gift you Eternal Life, so take it. He wants you to!

Simple Faith – Not Works

All through simple faith, by his generous and glorious grace, via Jesus’ shed blood alone, and its all yours as a gift with no strings attached, from a kind, and loving GOD.

7 Astonishing Life-changing Steps to Salvation

These 7 steps are astonishing because Jesus is the only human representation of God that has ever been seen after his death.

Jesus was seen by hundreds if not thousands of people after the 3rd day.

He is the only human representation of God who has ever sacrificed himself as the sacrificial lamb. He died for you and everyone else in the world.

As a Holy and Just God, he gives everyone the choice to choose. It is a choice between being the king of our own lives and when death comes, suffer eternal separation from that Holy God who has been holding his hand out calling to you from the day you were born.

Hell is justice for sin and thumbing your nose at God. Mercy and Grace are Jesus standing in our place and pardoning us for our sins.

Baptism - sign of a renewed spiritBaptism – the sign of a renewed spirit turning our lives over in spiritual rebirth is the best life-changing experience you could ever know. Jesus will never disown you no matter how imperfect you are in your new life with him

Some say they are walking away from God but if you are truly reborn, no one can pull you away from the Father, not even yourself.

It does not matter what your life has been like! Drug addict, alcoholic, murderer, sex addict. You can be washed clean from whatever sin has lived in your life. Yes, you should fear to go to Hell for your sins.

However, do not let that be the only factor for your choice of rebirth.

Choose because a Holy and Righteous God loved you enough to send His Son to earth to die for you and me and anyone who would humble themselves and choose the right choice. Things will not always be easy in your walk with Jesus, but when you know God, you can live in peace and joy in a way that is never possible without Jesus!

If you have any questions, or you would just like to talk about it, click on the Contact Us button below.

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