3 rotten short sighted prophecies

Bible End Times Prophetically


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Interpretation- Anti Christ and The False Prophet, & denying Israel Temple on NYSTV Interview Panel3 rotten short sighted prophecies

Head Scratcher “Theology”!

This video from NYSTV’s John Ponder was a bit of a head-scratcher to watch.

“Christianizing” Occult Practices

In their long (2-hour) video, because it dealt with numerous topics, which has given me warning fodder regarding their Christianizing of an Occult practice to open or play around with the third eye (of the Pineal gland fame,) and strange interpretations on other topics, too. This is the video we did to address that New Age practice!

Anti-Christ Only a Political Agent?

So, on this video, we will address their earlier comments in the same broadcast, which we are treated to David’s strange interpretation that only the False Prophet uses signs and wonders ( of the Devil) and that the Messiah imposter (Anti Christ) does not, for the reasons that he is only a Political Agent.

Like most false teachers, he bases almost none of his teachings from the Bible. Instead, he bases his weird theories on his own eisegesis search of just one scripture (which of course he does not bother reading.)

 Lacking any other counsel or supportive texts to bring forth a clear picture.

He then strips the fake Messiah of his power as if to confuse the Role of what the Messiah does in that Kingdom of Devils to come.

Eisegesis R’Us

This group must be a major fan base of eigegesis

They do a horrendous amount of eisegesis in any of the Biblical texts he does discuss.

Eisegesis is when a reader is looking to prove an agenda, or simply wants to impose their interpretation into the text.

However, a study of the Word based on an Exegetical study is set out to read whatever scripture is necessary to find out what God is really telling us.

Exegetical study of God’s Word

Exegesis study comes from an objective desire to understand the Bible from what God is telling us.

Eisegesis, is subjective from the start due to the person’s mindset and agenda from the beginning.

The panel of 3 “other Christians” say nothing, bring up zero scripture (Josh Peck, John Pounders, & John Hall.)

3 Rotten Short Sighted Prophecies

There seems to be an agenda to remove the notion of a True Physical Temple in Israel, for a Physical human flesh Temple, but it is both! Feels like Agents of Rome/ Israel, to me. Stirring the waters of confusion & chaos.

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