3 Irritating Topics On Tikkun/Nar Plot For Change

3 Irritating Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For Change


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    One World Church and a One World RELIGION

We have been warning you for some time that a Counterfeit Global Church of all nations and all religions are being formed into ONE, by Rome- Babylon via Co-exist, Israel, Babylon, and NAR (New Apostolic Reformation Babylon). There are many workers of this endeavor, hiding in the church, trying to deceive churches into submitting to their global church.

We have shown in other videos, that the Bible warns in Jude 1:4 and 2 Peter and a host of other scriptures, warning you of deception, by ‘trusted men and women’, pastors, and fake “Christians.” which is to craft a major Paradigm Shift.

This “shift” is to lead you into a trap! This is the end- times deception that you read about in your Bible.

    2. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

3 Irritating Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For ChangeThis shift is taking form now.

3  Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For Change which are Irritating

The ones who are implementing it globally, are our most trusted leaders, masked liars. Here is an example of some of the people that we are referring to:

  • C. Peter Wagner (Global Harvest Ministries) formed NAR  in 1996
  • Ché Ahn replaced C. Peter Wagner as the leader of NAR, after his death.
  • Todd White
  • John Kelly the Leader and Convening Apostle of ICAL
  • Rick Joyner
  • Bill Johnson Senior Pastor Bethel Church
  • Lou Engle
  • Kenneth Copeland
  • Don Finto
  • Heide Baker
  • Randy Clark
  • Michael Brown (one of the leaders of NAR-Israel)

These are the New “Apostles” in charge of the global operations of NAR.

We do mean global. They may not all have private $60,000,000 jets and a private airport on their property like Copeland but they do travel a lot.

Before C. Peter Wagner passed away, at least seven of them flew in from different places around the world and went to Todd Bentley’s “church” and brought him into Apostleship (of course when he left his wife for his secretary, then married her, that was too wild even for them.)

There is so much to this, which is why there are so many videos looking into every nook and cranny, to demonstrate weirdness, the forming apostasy is so much more than what earlier prophecy taught us.

3  Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For Change which should be Irritating

This video adds connections for you to understand who your Enemy is, how to warn the church, and warn False ‘Christian’ – converts. In Today’s Video, we continue to discuss Jeff Durbin who was recently on Doreen Virtue’s program giving legitimacy to Michael Brown and that of NAR.

If you are unaware of Tikkun and what role it has in this deception, this video will help to bring you up to speed- and yes it matters.

Because, these people, New Agers and Luciferians are pretending to be Christians,  they bring another gospel, but there is an end game of a Shift in thinking and a connection to make you part of this Whore of Babylon False global Church, with many lying and deceitful words and mind games. I was a little tired when I made it, but we put together the pieces of the strange, almost unbelievable NAR puzzle, which you need to understand if you want to know how it all works out and what will happen in the future with the Global Church.

You must also understand that this is the final straw, (as it were) that angers God to the point to call time out and end the insanity.

It is vitally important to understand how Jesus is going to correct this global rebellion – and in the end, throw their coming counterfeit Messiah into chains and throw him and minions like these into the firey pit for eternity!

There are a lot of others who work with NAR in America.

Some are distractors to keep the attention away from what NAR is doing. There is a huge, global supporting cast of NAR.

NAR and its sister NAR-Israel and the “church” of Rome are like three hubs if you will. Each of those has many spokes pointing out from them all working together.

3 Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For Change which are Irritating

One of the biggest supporting cast, or spokes, are the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention and Pastors of SBC Churches. These players also work in the Whitehouse, giving spiritual counsel to President Trump.

  • SBC President; J.D. Greear
  • Paula White
  • Jerry Falwell Jr.
  • Franklin Graham
  • Robert Jeffress
  • Jentzen Franklin
  • Franklin Graham
  • Beth Moore
  • Gregg Laurie (Hybrid of Calvary Chapel and SBC)

Many Pentecostal leaders are working with those in NAR or NAR Israel

  • Perry Stone has connections with Mark Biltz who works with NAR Israel and people like Itzhak Shapira.
  • Benny Hinn also has Connections with Biltz and Shapira
  • Jessee Duplantis has close connections with Kenneth Copeland

Many well-known educators have ties with NAR or NAR spokes

  • Dr. Michael Heiser – long time Theology Teacher and senior consultant to Logos Bible Software/Faithlife and their book publishing arm Lexham Press who has published most of Michael’s books.
  • Michael Heiser has moved from his longtime home near Seattle Washington Near the headquarters of Logos, to go open a new college of Theology with his new buddy Stovell Weems, Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Florida. Weems and Heiser were both a part of a festival put on by Celebration church early in 2020 and Stovell Weems had been scheduled to be a part of a NAR/Israel event later on in the Spring of 2020 but it has been canceled due to the global illness issue of 2019/2020.

There are other connections like:

  • Jacob Praesch who has taught from the perspective of being a Messianic Jew and well respected for years in Christian circles, (who if all reports are true is an Italian who was raised as a Catholic, who happens to speak Hebrew because he married a Jewish lady.) Regardless, he has gone off the track showing his true colors as a heretic.
  • Brian Houston leader of Hillson Church and Hillsong United and all the other Hillsong brands.
  • Rick Warren who has aligned himself with the church of Rome and NAR through his PEACE Plan and his ecumenical ways.
  • Joel Osteen has aligned himself with Beth Moore, Paula White, and he is one of the many defending Kanye West.

The many names above are by no means an exhaustive list. As mentioned earlier, if a teacher or pastor has a large television audience or subscribers on Youtube, they are most likely bought and paid for by Lucifer himself.

3 Irritating Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For Change

  3. Meter of Evil

The common thread that all these heretics and false teachers have in common is that they know enough and preach enough Biblical truth that they can fool enough people to come to their fake churches and donate millions to them.

The average net income for all these false teachers is well over $5,000,000.

People are starving in America, especially now since so many have been laid off due to the COVID-19 scamdemic. Are these Television “ministers” coming together and donating millions to help unemployed starving Americans? No, they are going on Television like Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis telling their viewers why they need another $50,000,000 million to buy their fourth or fifth private jet.

When their donations start to suffer, or people start picking up on their litany of evil heresies, the Evil Meter starts going off and they start backing down their garbage from the pits of hell and start preaching some actual truth again.

For instance Michael Heiser. In a fairly recent interview on Skywatch TV, Heiser did an interview with Derek Gilbert and Josh Peck on the virtues of the 11-year-old female character named “Eleven” on the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” All three of them pretty much stated in the interview that the Bible was boring and outdated. If people wanted to speak to their younger friends about Christ as Savior, they could draw a correlation from Eleven to Jesus.


Then in another interview, Heiser was pushing the 1st Century heresy of apotheosis/theosis from the 1st-century heretic Athanasius of Alexandria, whose most famous quote is that “Jesus was made human so that we could become gods.”

But then he writes books or does an article on Faithlife or a documentary that is spot-on Theologically. Sometimes even those of us with discernment skills are left shaking our heads wondering how he can be so spot-on at one moment while spewing heresy the next. It leaves you wondering if he and others like him suffer from some kind of spiritual schizophrenia.

3 Irritating Topics On Tikkun/NAR Plot For Change

This is by no means an exhaustive list of topics having to do with heresy, false teaching, and how Nar, Israel, and the Roman church are doing to destroy the true church to bring about the kingdom of the false messiah. If these three topics alone don’t infuriate you, please start reading your Bible and understand Spiritual Discernment and how important it is to be spiritually wise and expose darkness as Paul Tells us to do Ephesians 5:11

Bottom line: There are dangerous people who, through word games and scripture twisting, are seeking to yoke you the false Messiah. The Bible says he is coming from Israel as your savior, with Rome and the rest of the 10 kingdoms forcing you in also. These are the ways they are achieving their Kingdom now agenda. We look for patterns and take our intelligence from the Bible warning of this end times deception.

Why do we care? Why does anyone care about these people and what they are doing? Well, there are a billion reasons why but we’ll just stick with a few.

  1. Jesus said a couple of things about these kinds of people: Matthew 7:15 –

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