3 Attacks Of A Vicious And Pompous Clown

3 Attacks Of A Vicious And Pompous Clown


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If you are a true Bible Believing, Blood bought Christian, you should not ever listen to, or allow yourself to be influenced by JD Hall.

Spiritual Discernment or Vicious attacks

It does not take an expert in spiritual discernment to see a lack of grace, humility, Christian love, and wisdom in the choices and words of J.D. Hall

3 Attacks of a Vicious and Pompous Clown

Attack #1: JD Hall made some very disparaging, unkind, unloving, and certainly Un-Christ like comments about youth and young homosexuals. A teenage boy took those words to heart and committed suicide. It is not our intention to talk about parenting or responsibility for one’s actions in this article. (As parents, of course, our heart goes out to the father of this young man.) The point of this article and video is the fact that Hall lowered himself to the levels of the Westboro Baptist Church in his attacks of the Homosexual community.

While we do not disagree with all that he said, we feel unsettled by his choice of language, tone, and spirit.

Stand on the Word of God, not the neck of your next victim!

Yes, we need to always stand on and stand up for the Word of God and the Testimony of God that says sexual sins are evil.

However, we need to be honest and say that all sins are evil and separate ourselves from a Holy God.

Proclaim the Truth in Love and Humbleness

We need to proclaim the truth, yes, but be respectful to all men speaking in love. We should also do what we do for the Glory of Christ.

1 Peter 4:11

1 Peter 3:10

Ephesians 4:15

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

One wonders if Hall is playing the role “of angry/mean/unloving Christian, working as a fake Christian with an agenda to provide fodder for Internet Trolls. He wouldn’t be the first False Teacher to leave negative comments to make Jesus, The True Church, and True Christians look bad.

Drop us a comment if you know Hall, or know of this character: Hall.

We want to be winsome and loving and invite people into Christ, so the way we approach topics should be seasoned with love while holding fast to the truth.

That is a hard line to negotiate, but we must offer ourselves to this quest.

The truth in love, tells us that God loves gay people and all sinners! If God did not love people, He never would have sent Jesus to die on the cross for all sinners, nor would he call to them to be washed in his saving blood on the cross or be reborn or renewed with the Holy Spirit

That is not to say, that letting them take over and indoctrinate everything is excusable though!

It is clear through the Great Commission that Christ calls us to tell others about the Good news of redemption in Christ. His offer of rebirth and to gain the inheritance is beyond compare and very valuable to a lost and wandering soul.

Let’s not be a stumbling block that prevents people from finding the way to salvation through grace. Christians should never be graceless or tactless

We were sinners, in filth too. we are no better than anyone. We are very glad that the clarion call came to loud enough to find the way to Jesus to have our sins removed from us as far as the East is from the West and to pay the debt which we could never pay.

Vessels of Mercy and Grace

We are the object of mercy, pointing other objects of disobedience to the Holy and Loving Jesus.

And yet, some fools go the other direction and let the “Social Engineers” take over and retool the goal of the church, and fall prey to this deception!

3 Vicious Attacks of a Pompous Clown

Attack #2: Other topics discussed by Hall, for instance, Frozen 2 promotion of pro rainbow mafia agenda by television people, mother earth, sorcery, and more, via propaganda: by Unsaved people pretending to be the church.

There is a gospel in Frozen 2, but it is NOT biblical. 3 Attacks Of A Vicious And Pompous Clown

Calling the writers, authors, artists into scary amounts of power to social change, but that is exactly what The Gospel Coalition of false Christians are doing.

This movie is using similar interest bait to entice preteens and teens alike to be interested in Witchcraft and magic. This onslaught of manipulation through this and hundreds of other Disney videos, is similar to the marketing tactics of “Joe Camel is Smooth” commercials used in selling cigarettes.

Joe Cool is SmoothHowever, US Courts ruled that enticing Children with that tool of marketing manipulation was wrong and it was made illegal.

So why is it that Disney is left free to peddle it’s mind manipulation techniques on our children with sexual and magical images both hidden and suggestive for the last 50+ years.

Disney's Maleficient
Why should Disney settle for peddling Witchcraft when it can peddle sex in “family movies” also?

So to have the awareness of the same way bad things are being sold in this cartoon franchise were addressed, they are selling ideas to people.

But then, they learned it from Star Wars, and that is brought into a church/ youth group/ etc ( the last movie has Homosexuals kissing in it).

And this is the way deception is a side-drift from the truth, yet the bible and Jesus are our true Plumb Line! (Amos); and our True N-O-R-T-H!

And what are people even doing watching Disney’s Magic Kingdom, full of occult witchcraft and indoctrination, when the average Christian family of today ( and their kids) are so unwise regarding the needed time time time set aside to read, study, and meditate/pray on their bibles, in these end times- the acceleration to the correction is coming.

Jesus and Paul Call us to be Awake

Jesus instructed us to watch and be ready.

The world is being swept away into sensual false church homo-erotica religion of mother earth, and wanton self-advancement.

We stand on guard while waving in the ones who want rebirth and dump sin and separation from GOD at the door.

They need to lunge for the cross, while it is still available and easy to get born again.

We need to tell them how and pray for them.

Is Hall a real Christian or an internet troll?

However, as is typical of the way Hall goes about it discussing what is wrong with the movies, he is tactless, Godless, and loveless.

3 Vicious Attacks of a Pompous Clown

Next Hall attacks the Cross as the only way to salvation, then he attacks our moral compass and sense of decency and purity.

The raw efforts of trying to locate a local church that is not severely compromised are discussed a bit, but JD makes “participation in the local church” the litmus test for if you are even saved. “What????!!!!

Rebirth through acceptance of Jesus’ work on the Cross has always been is the test of Salvation.

In this Apostasy that rages on, its harder than ever to locate normal.

That doesn’t weigh into whether one is saved.

But that is not to say that God wants people to part from the church, either.

Hebrews 10:25

Teachers are supposed to teach the truth

Then, he just gets inappropriate lacking decency in his discussion for the sexual gratification of young men to marry at 19, borrowing themes from Paul’s advice “not to burn in lust”, (Paul is fine, but JD has no filter!)

And much more could be said about young people learning to control themselves and wise choices for marriage, a serious decision, and growing up a Lil bit before rushing into something for a lot more than mere physical gratification! Marriage is for life unless violence ends a life or the partner attacks the other. Even adultery can be forgiven.

Learning how to wait a bit, and learn how you operate, and how to read others is a good thing. Marriage and having kids is a serious responsibility and shame on a supposedly Christian pastor for leading young people astray by stirring their lust for gratification!

Hall needs to re-read James 3:1 !

These are just three examples of a serious lack of Christian maturity and spiritual integrity, coming from someone who is a leader in the church. Much has been written on the expectation of responsibility and maturity on the part of teachers and pastors. In James 3:1 James gives a very serious warning that people like JD Hall should pay attention to.

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