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This website is about Spiritual truth at all costs.

At Jesus is My God…

We realize that the current time frame of history is what is known as the Age of Grace. That time is drawing to a close.

Our desire is to teach people discernment skills so that they can tell the difference between Spiritual Truth & Lies.

Have you come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? We have a page focused on how to become born again through spiritual rebirth. If you have questions scroll down to the next section and click on the learn more button.

If you have already experienced rebirth you are welcome here at Jesus Is Our God as well. We seek your feedback and communication either way.

If you haven’t experienced a rebirth in Jesus by May 20th, 2020 your time is drawing near. Regardless of whether the Lord returns this year or not you do not want to wait! You never know what might happen.

Around the corner from where we live, there is a permanent reminder of this. There is a permanent farewell sign on the corner.

There were two 19-year-olds returning home after a party and the driver was intoxicated (the Passenger was not) and he took a slight curve too fast and crossed the roadway and ran into a large light pole and both were killed.

They had their life ahead of them, but pfft in a flash they were brought before their maker, I hope they had both chosen to be reborn into Christ’s Kingdom.

Please, if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns about your eternal life, ask us. If you don’t want others to see your questions, just send us a comment form and then we’ll keep it private.

The only time we give out information to the community as a whole is if you request prayer from the group. If you want your prayers kept private we’ll pray among ourselves.

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Discerning the Truth

When it comes to spiritual truth, it's not always easy to spot the obvious!

At Jesus Is My God, we want you to know there are wolves in Sheep’s clothing teaching heresy and leading their flocks astray. We want to help you boost your discernment skills.

The time to know the truth about Christ is now before it is too late.


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